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St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Isleworth


Learning at Home

'Learning at Home' activities include our regular weekly homework of reading, learning spellings, practicing Maths Passports (click here for these) and times tables every day and learning and researching the information on the history or geography knowledge planner.  Together they form our Remote Education provision and our Homework provision. 

Each day’s learning in school is reflected in the Learning at Home activities and everyone should do these and the Kahoot quiz on Fridays.  These are the “First do this” and “Then do this” activities.

So, if children are in school they should all undertake the “First do this” activities for every day and the “Then do this” Kahoot quiz on Fridays.  Children at home should also carry out an additional middle set of “Now do this” activities which link to Oak National Academy lessons. Click here and then select the correct year group and week for your child.

We will do this to ensure learning opportunities are still available in the event of St Mary’s staff becoming unwell.

All children should continue to read, learn their spellings, practice their Maths Passports and times tables every day.  Our children are really enjoying these activities they tell us that: 


“It helps me to know what I’m doing and gives me practice in what I’m going to be learning.”


"I think that home learning helps because it gives me a head start if it is for the next day. If it’s something new I wait until I get taught it then go back and do it again.”


“It helps me prepare for the next day or look back at the work I’ve already completed.”


“It helps give you a head start”


“You can understand the learning much more in school. It makes me feel more confident.”


Half of the learning for each history (first half of terms) or geography (second half of terms) topic (we don’t teach them at the same time) is contained in the Knowledge Planners and you can find these in the Google Drive folders for each year group along with the Knowledge Planners and the unit books and briefing videos.  Please don’t race ahead!  Children should learn all of the information on the Knowledge Planners using the method explained here.  They can also carry out research on the internet and create fact files, posters and information booklets using the facts they have learnt.

The resources are accessed from this page or by going directly to: www.bit.ly/SMIHLarchive.  You can do some pre-prep or pre-teaching at home or follow the days learning afterwards.  There are daily activities - short focused tasks (“First do this”) or activities which relate directly to what is being taught, and which are built upon in school.

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Additional resources for home learning: